Sports News and Results 17 May 2018

All Sports practices will take place as per the revised Term 2 Examination Sports timetable from Monday 21 May.

Cross Country races, Hockey and Squash matches will continue throughout the exam weeks. Details will be sent via email.




The 1st Team beat Settlers High School 3-0 on Saturday 12 May in a game that was tough due to the well organized defensive structure of the Settlers Team. 

Goal scorers: Gemma WatermeyerJustine Crook and Hannah Schaefer. 

Player of the match: Sarah Firth (Gr 12) who played well in the midfield and was instrumental in supporting the strikers up front. 


DATE  DAY  TEAM  Result  Score 
11-May  Fri  U14B  Won  3-0 
11-May  Fri  U16C  Won  8-0 
11-May  Fri  U19C  Won  3-0 
12-May  Sat  U14A  Won  3-0 
12-May  Sat  U16A  Won  10-0 
12-May  Sat  U19A  Won  3-0 
12-May  Sat  U19B  Won  7-0 
12-May  Sat  U16B  Won  5-1 


Matches for Fri 18 and Sat 19 May as follows: 

18 & 19 MAY @ HOME             
DATE  DAY  TIME  TEAM  OPPONENT  VENUE  COACH  Game length  Teacher-In-Charge 
18-May  Fri  15h00  U16A  Stellenberg  RGHS  Viljoen  25 x 2 (1hr)  Viljoen 
18-May  Fri  16h00  U14A  Stellenberg  RGHS  Sasha  25 x 2 (1hr)  Alard 
18-May  Fri  17h00  U19C  Stellenberg  RGHS  Nicola  20 x 2 (50m)  Van Koersveld 
18-May  Fri  17h50  U16C  Stellenberg  RGHS  Tamarah  20 x 2 (50m)  Blanc-Marquis 
18-May  Fri  18h40  U19A  Stellenberg  RGHS  Andi  30 x 2 (1h10m)  Brown 
19-May  Sat  08h00  U14C  Stellenberg  RGHS  Hendricks  20 x 2 (50m)  Hendricks 
19-May  Sat  08h50  U16D  Stellenberg  RGHS  Azrah  20 x 2 (50m)  Henry 
19-May  Sat  09h40  U14B  Stellenberg  RGHS  Thompson  20 x 2 (50m)  Thompson 
19-May  Sat  10h30  U16B  Stellenberg  RGHS  Allister  20 x 2 (50m)  White 
19-May  Sat  11h20  U19B  Stellenberg  RGHS  Waleed  25 x 2 (1hr)  Marneweck 


All players to report at least 30 minutes before the start of their match to their coach at their playing venue. 



The second race of the season took place at Pinelands on Wed 9 May. Our girls really stepped up, ran hard and appeared to mean business. It was a pleasure to watch the girls trusting themselves and challenging for good finishing positions. The hard work is paying off! 



Match results: Thursday 10 May 

Rustenburg vs Westerford @ Westerford 

U19A  Won  36-15 
U19B  Won  20-10 
U16A  Won  17-16 
U16B  Won  17-5 
U16C  Lost  10-15 
U16D  Won  10-6 
U14A  Won  25-11 
U14B  Lost  9-11 
U14C  Lost  5-12 
U14D  Lost   6-12 



Friday 11 May @ WESTERFORD 

A Team: RGHS 3 – Westerford 11 (Jordan Campbell played well: won 11-2, 11-2 and 11-3) 

B Team: RGHS 0 – Westerford 14 




The Golf Manager, Tim Steyn, at Rondebosch Golf Club has approached RGHS with the following offer: “We are looking to host an Open Golf Day to any High School pupil that is interested in the game of golf. On the day we will get our PGA Professionals to teach them the basics and afterwards take them on the golf course to play a couple of holes and see if they enjoy the game of golf. If we see potential or a pupil that is VERY interested in learning the game, we have sponsorships available which includes memberships and unlimited golf lessons. On the day we will have all necessary equipment available and there will be no costs involved whatsoever”. If your daughter is interested in taking up this offer, please contact the Sports Department via